Friday, November 21, 2008

Lori's Digi Point of View

Hi I am stopping by to say that Flora won the Ten Bucks to Pixel Gypsy Designs. Congrats! Look out for a PM at DST from me!

Hi Everyone,

Its Lori here to give you my take on the happenings in our community. Lets see what i can dig up. Well one of my recent discoveries that makes me happy is that Kevin & Amanda updated their font stash. They recently added around 25 new fonts for our journaling pleasure. Yippee!

Do you enjoy the Hodge Podge Challenges? I really like them because they don't require certain products be used and there is a chance to win a prize. Only problem for me is I tend to forget to get them in by Monday. Well, last week I realized that they have revamped the way they offer the challenges and now you have two weeks to get your layouts in. I am doing the sketch challenge they are offering right now for sure. Although if it was a one week challenge I probably would have forgot. Well, stop by and see what they have got going on!
I just popped on into Ali Edwards blog and found a wonderful little article on translating gratitude that may work with the hodge podge challenge. Check it out!
Oh look I found a sale. Fifty percent off is always a good thing. Check out Amy Sumrall's blog for details on her sale at Sunshine Studios.
An awesome giveaway is currently going on at the We Are Storytellers blog. They are asking for your best journaling tips. Just lave them in the comment section of their blog and u will be eligible for the prize. Its a good one. Stop by and add your journaling tips and pick up some new ones.
OK two more things. Stop by Peppermint Creative because if you look in their General Chatter area you will find a sweet little contest. If you can make up a good story using ten of their rocking smilies you may win 4 handmade cards by M.J. Johnston. Their totally cool.
OK some last minute info on our sponsor Pixel Gypsy Designs. Today is Fantabulous Friday and all of their new products are 30 percent off for today only.
These links will get you there faster.
And I wanted to make sure you knew about the awesome shadows and lighting tutorials you can find in their past issues of Gypsy Expressions. Honestly, check them out if you want to improve your pages. These links will take you directly there.
And don't forget to subscribe for future issues the December one is right around the corner.
OK OK! I have kept u up long enough! Look out for our 10dollar PGD gift card winner this evening and check out The Digichick Blog on Monday who knows what you will find there.
K! Bye!
Make It A Great Day!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday's Featured Layouts (11-20-08)

Melissa here with Thursday's featured layouts. Mr. Linky was acting up on me and not working so I decided to choose a couple layouts right from DST.

I decided to feature layouts that hold a quality that I love, simplicity.

The first is from NaughtsNCrosses:

Embrace Simplicity

The next layout is by gonewiththewind:

You Make My Heart Flower

Both of these layouts caught my attention right away. I love the simple look in layouts and I envy those that can pull them off. I have a hard time with them as I always find myself adding stuff, then taking something off, then adding something, then taking something off and so on. I think my simple layouts take me longer than any of my other layouts.

Make sure you let these two ladies know what a great job they did by visiting their layouts at DST and leaving some true genuine love!!

That's all for me, short and sweet, just like these layouts!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday's Featured Layouts 11/19/08

Wow, I can't believe its already half way through November!!! Time seems to be flying by this year. I just celebrated my baby girls 3rd birthday on Monday.. and each day I look at her and can't believe she's already 3!! Its just crazy! She was just my little itty bitty baby yesterday, or so it seems.

So I was going through Mr linky today trying to catch up on all the layouts posted since Friday... (Wow, lots of participation.. totally GREAT!!!) and was blown away by this layout from Lori. With just having had a Pretty Princess party here, with my baby girl all done up in her princess dress and Magic (her crown and wand.. she calls them her "magic" and walks around the house going "Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle" as she casts her spells of happiness).. This layout just hit to the heart of me and my life right now...

TinkerBell Cupcake
By MissPotts

This Picture of Molly is just GORGEOUS!!! It speaks of childhood happiness, dreams, fantasy and everything pretty.. I can so see her doing twirly spins in her fairy dress, with her hands up high and a smile on her face!! And you know, it makes me want to be 3 again and put on my princess dress and run around throwing sparkles at everyone with my little girl. I might just have to do it anyway! I qualify, don't you think? Cause I'm 33 and that's twice the amounts of 3 right? LOL

I love how Lori used her matts in this layout, layering them one on top of each other at different angles... and the bottom matt shape.. wow! Just perfect!! Everyone, please show her some love for this absolutely GORGEOUS layout!

Sticking with a Childhood theme, I found this Layout in the Gallery at DST. Ok, so it wasn't my plan to stick with a childhood theme... it just sort of worked out that way. LOL I fell in love with the simplicity of this next layout immediatly.

By Fanette

I love how the photo here is sliced up into three parts, and how one strip of paper is slid in over the middle section of the photo. Just simply lovely! The elements she used are just perfect too compliment the photo... which by the way is just breathtaking and makes me feel at peace when I look at it! I love photos of children from behind.. there is just something magical and emotional about them. Captures them being children. I absolutely love the quote on here too... so very true, it is.

Please everyone, stop by Fanette's page and leave her some love for this gorgeous layout.

So, I couldn't decide between the last layout and the next, so decided to go ahead and feature both of them today! I'm a sucker for multible pictures on a layout... so when I saw this one I was excited!

Christmas 2007
By ajaabne

Doesn't this layout scream of Holiday Cheer? Of childrens laughter and excitment.. of everything thats so wonderful about this time of year? I love christmas morning, opening presents with my kids.. love visiting family and all the crazy toy messes from all the different kiddos showing thier cousins the cool new stuff Santa brought them... This layout brings all those memories to the surface for me, and makes me excited that Christmas is just around the corner.

The photo placement in this layout is wonderful!! I love how she layered them, and that some of them are black and white... very nice touch. The elements are super cool, Love the pipe cleaner ones!!! Specially that candy cane... Isn't it fabulous!!??!! This is just absouluty a perfect christmas layout! So, please stop by and leave some love for this very deserving layout!

So, who is excited about the $10 Gift Card to Pixel Gypsy Design??? Thats just an AWESOME prize for linking layouts, isn't it?? So, link up... the more you link the more chances you have to win!! Link up your own layouts or those of other scrappers you just love (remember to also put your name on the link.. example: ValeriGail (for Fanette) so that you get credit for the link up! ) I can't wait till Friday to see who wins!! Also, stop by Pixel Gypsy today for Indulgence Wednesday!! Every Wednesday they offer great specials, so don't miss out!!

And with that, I will leave you to your day! Live, Love, Laugh... and Scrap often!!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

11/18 *Tuesdays with Christy*

Hello my wonderful scrappers!! I pray this week is going well for you. I myself have had a very busy and a bit emotional week. I flew home to attend my grandma's funeral and it was very emotionally draining. But I have found that one of the things that brings me true delight is browsing through galleries. I still have some pages to catch up on in Mr. Linky, but I wanted to share the one that just made me smile today.

Please leave Pixel Gypsy some love -- Feet.

This page also made me smile. I absolutely love the penguin.

Please leave Crazygirl some love -- special penguin.

Don't forget we are giving away a 10 dollar gift certificate to Pixel Gypsy Designs this week. Every layout you link will get your name in the raffle! Mr Linky is located to the right at the top of the sidebar. It's super easy to leave a link, if you leave it for someone else's page make sure you include your own name as well. You will see some of us do this AquaRuby (for Pixel Gypsy) for example. Have a great day!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Featured Layouts 11/17/2008

Wow, ten days till Thanksgiving! Sigh! Time Flies! Don't you just hate those days DST won't work for ya! I noticed on Mondays that usually happens.Everyone has either just got the kids off to school or just got to work. Thats right I know your at work!
Ok, well on to the day. I have noticed that some off you may not know how to play the praise game we offer here.
1) You will click on Mr Linky who is located to the right at the top of the sidebar.
2) Then you add the link to your layout of choice. (this can be your own or a fave of someone elses).
3) Click on other links you find there and leave Genuine Praise. All this means is look at the layout and try to write a comment that lets the scrapper know that you really did admire their work and try to comment on something that you know they worked on.
For instance, shadow work. We are all trying to get better at shadows all of the time. Sometimes I notice my fellow scrapper has put some extra effort in and is getting better at their shadows. So I will comment on that.
Speaking of improving your digital scrapping skills I know that Pixel Gypsy publishes a quarterly minimag that always contains info on enhancing your skills. In fact that is where I learned how to do my shadows. I hear another issue of Gypsy Expressions will be released in a few weeks so i urge you to sign up today. Even if you dont frequent PGD you will be happy to recieve your copy of Gypsy Expressions and all the fun info the ladies pack it with every issue. Sign up here!
Ok on to the layouts. First up from Mr Linky
Lor has Love-for-you2
This layout uses rich oranges to set the mood!Her alpha sits on her page so comfortably and the photo takes center stage. I love the picture and cant wait till mine sit still so well!
I just had to pick Ace's Wild's layout The Three Amigos
Had to pick this one cause not only is it a lovely layout but Jackie links layouts here quite often and rarely leave her own. Isnt this just the cutest. I love each of the extractions but the one of the baby in the background is so cute and is the perfect added touch to the layout.

Ok I have kept u long enough! Dont forget we are giving away a 10 dollar gift certificate to Pixel Gypsy Designs this week. Every layout you link will get your name in the raffle! Mr Linky is located to the right at the top of the sidebar. Click on Your Next! Scroll down to yesterdays post for more info on the raffle and Pixel Gypsy Designs
Ok Bye!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Spotlight Sunday

Hi its me Lori! Welcome to Spotlight Sunday. Today I have the pleasure of presenting you with a store here in digiland that has been very friendly to me. Pixel Gypsy Designs!
This week Pixel Gypsy Designs will be giving a 10 dollar giftcard to their shop to a random praiser here at Genuine Praise. All you have to do is add a link to MR LINKY to qualify. Every link left will gain you another chance and remember it does not have to be your own layout. Be sure you leave Genuine Praise for other layouts left at MR LINKY. Main rule. Leave Quality Praise and Dont Worry about Quantity. One great comment can really make someones day!

Ok, now on to details about why I love Pixel Gypsy Designs. For one, their site has some sweet features.
You will never have to worry about saving a PGD zip file because everything you ever purchase will be available in your account without limits. If u ever lose your stash you can easily just go over and download your goodies. No Questions Asked!

Did you see how big the layouts are? I love the size you are able to upload at. I also really like how you can see what PGD products were used to create the page and purchase them at 20 percent off. So its almost like there is always a sale going on. Plus with every purchase they slip in a coupon for your next purchase. Sounds like a deal to me!

These are just a few of the fun features you will find at Pixel Gypsy Designs! This week I will be featuring little tidbits about Pixel Gypsy Designs all week so be sure to check in. Leave Links, Leave Love and Learn about one of my fave stores!!!

Be sure to check out the links for full credits. Those are some amazing pages! Ok Tata for now and I will see you around this week.
Make it a great day and take pictures so we can see how great it was!! Dont forget to get your links in so you have a better chance at the Ten Bucks from Pixel Gypsy Designs!