Saturday, October 18, 2008

Its the weekend!

This is a big weekend for me. My sons are turning 4. SNIFF SNIFF! But I did get to go toy shopping and I love toys. Although I have already purchased most of the toys I drooled over the past few years and now I just wait till they hit the new age groups. BAH HUMBUG!

Ok. on with the show. Our Mr Linky random is usually chosen by DH. I count the entries and ask him to pick a number. This time around I used the past two days! Ok so here it is:
Aquaruby's (aka Christy)
"you are loved"
I must say I am a tad obsessed with borders so I was thrilled woth this one. I especially like the color choices. The gray and black make an excellent back drop for the touches of color Christy included. Her picture truly captures the love she is feeling! Ok, I will round up a rando page to leave love for. I actually have a beautiful page sitting in my favorites that I cant keep my mind off. I bet its racked up a few comments but I must show it to you anyways. I will be back!
Here is Keela's
Isn't this perfect. In think it is just beautiful and each aspect has been done so well.The extraction, blending, design and cuteness really make this page fit for a frame! Ok, see ya later alligators!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Good Afternoon!

Hey Everybody,

Checking in again today. Looks like everything is going pretty good. Thanks to the new faces I have seen here today. I am so happy you stopped by and participated. Since I have not been able to get here till so late in the day I will not feature layouts till tomorrow. Yesterday was a slow day anyway so I think its ok if we skip today. if you do want to leave a comment for a random layout lets leave love for yesterdays random picks. Once again thanks for your support and have fun!

Busy Morning!

I cant post a new blog right now. I have alot going on this morning I will post this afternoon. Till then use this space as you wish!

See ya later Alligators!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Am I simply silly or what?

So yesterday I finally completed a layout I had been working on a couple of days. I debated, did I want to post it on this blog or not. On the one hand I have been ANON since we started this past weekend on the other I started this blog to leave and receive Genuine Praise. So hmmmmm? I either had to be ANON or post under my regular screen name as if I was not myself. So I decided just to add my LO in and leave comments under both names. Well DOH! I never signed out of the blog before posting my layout. So the layout under MR LINKY by MissPotts is mine. There goes my cover. For those that dont know me my name is Lori and I started the Genuine Praise Blog. I am obviously not good at keeping secrets.

Ok, second order of buisness in case we have any new names around here I will go over how this game works. If you have a LO, yours or someone elses you can link it by using the MR LINKY feature at the top of the blog posts area. While here you may choose to leave Genuine Praise for as many comments as you like as long as you promise to leave heartfelt words for your fellow scrapper. Quality before quantity is the idea.

Each day I will randomly choose a linked layout from the previous day and a random pick from the DST gallery to feature in my blog post. You may praise from Mr Linky or from the featured layouts of the day. I do notify the random picked layout from the previous day and ask them to play along.

Once again I thank you girls who have visited here this week. I truly appreciate it and I feel we have made great progress. Hopefully we can get a good group going and have much more Genuine Praise flowing around the community. Remember invite your scrap buddies and spread the word. Ok I will finish up quick because I do not want to take too much of your time.

Our Mr Linky feature of the day is Valerigails,
"I Busy"

Valeri, took a small everyday moment that is important to her daughter and documented it for herself to cherish but also as a reminder for her daughter. She will have a perfectly ordinary moment to remind her what she was like as a preschooler. Thanks for leaving praise with us Valeri.
Next up is an artist I found linked in Mr Linky as well by another scrapper who enjoyed her work. I took a look around her gallery and she seems to be new to digital scrapbooking. I found a layout of hers with unique journaling and the photo to match along with an excellent color choice. So here is Livybug's
" Goalie"
Ok I will let you go now and once again thank you for your support. Dont forget to let me know if you have any suggestions for this blog. Remember I created it for our community so it belongs to all of us. Your ideas and input will be considered if you want to contribute your thoughts.
You Make it a Great Day.

Thank You!

What a good day we had yesterday! All of you are doing so well leaving Genuine Praise with me. THANKS! I was pretty happy today when I saw "Daisy Chains." That layout ended its day with seven comments but each was truly special. Six of those seven were from us. Thats really nice. It always feels good to get even one attentive comment on a layout but to receive seven that feels GREAT! At least to me.

So on to Wednesday! Our random pick from the Mr Linky section yesterday is Peppermint"s "Hey Day"
What a beautiful RAK for her friend. Peppermint was able to focus on the joy the photo held and really magnified the emotion. Very pretty!
I have finally rounded up a Gallery Layout. It took me awhile to settle on one to feature. So here it is Nesser1981's
"Yum Cake"
This layout is so fun! I really like the gifts at the bottom and the very happy picture. What a birthday smile! So yesterday I also said I wanted to offer a treat to my current blog followers. Ok, so here is the deal. If you add a link to the Genuine Praise blog in your signature and sport it till at least next Wednesday then I will randomly pick one participant to win a 10$ gift card to the scrap site of their choice. Isn't that fun?So link me up to your profile at DST by the end of today. I will check if you have the link in your siggie. Next Wednesday I will check again and announce the winner then. Please link your siggie entry to the comments at the bottom of this post not Mr Linky. I am happy with how much we have done in a couple days. Lets see how we look next week! Thanks again Girls!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thanks Everyone!

What a good day we had yesterday! All of you are doing so well leaving Genuine Praise with me. THANKS! I was pretty happy today when I saw


Hi Everyone,
Its day two and still a slow response. Today I will have more time to leave praise and invite others to play along. Monday and Wednesday are my busiest days of the week. Today I thought it would be fun to play with my avatar a bit. Recently Emily Powers pointed her blog readers towards FACE YOUR MANGA an avatar generating site. You can make the cutest little characters there. <<<>
If anyone wants to make an avatar and email it to me I would love to change up the Genuine Praise character every once in awhile. You can email me at

Ok so I will again choose two layouts to feature in this spot. Lets go! First off we have Soblessed with "Protector".

This layout sure touched my heart. These are the types of moments I want to live on in my children's hearts forever. can see many of you girls have already left Genuine Praise for Janey. Great job! I hope u are enjoying yourselves.

Alright I managed to dig a random layout up. I really liked it because the other night I realized that those summer nights have slipped into fall nights and suddenly I missed them. Isnt it funny how every season we seem to long for another. This is amandajane's


Ok gotta run the kids are raiding the fridge. I will leave love for the pages added this morning a bit later. And look out tomarrow because I am gonna offer something special to the blog participants I have gathered so far. Thanks for stopping by I appreciate it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Monday!!

Hello Fellow Scrapbookers,
I would like to say thank you to the ladies who have joined me this weekend. Taking the first step to get this blog started was really a stretch for me and the responses I have received are very encouraging. And I must say the LOVE I have seen shared is so GENUINE. So to get our Monday going I have randomly picked one layout from this weekends entries to feature. This is
*Amanda*'s layout "Grow".

I am sure she had so much fun looking through the past years photos and visiting so many memories along the way. Picture searching is one of my favorite aspects of scrapbooking. Thanks for joining us Amanda.

Another one of my favorite past times as a digital scrapbooker is a good chat. You know when you have a good group of laid back ladies getting together to tell jokes, share sites and talk about the day. Every once in awhile someone picks a layout to randomly leave praise for. I have been the recipient of this type of praise and it feels so good to have one of your layouts noticed out of the blue. So I have chosen one layout to praise just for fun. Let me go dig something up..........

Ok,I found a little something. Check out Annscraps "Lost".

I am such a sucker for a story and this layout focus's on her families walk through a corn maze. I just adore how Ann focused on the little things and dismissed the not so perfect corn maze. Ok ladies! Please use this space to leave Genuine Praise for one another. I will check in through out the day and check up on you. Lest see how this goes. Remember focus on quality not quantity and dont feel the need to commment everyone. You can choose from the comments section or one of the two featured on this blogpost. HAVE FUN!