Friday, January 16, 2009

Digital Point of View 1*16

Scrappy Friday!!! Yeah, the weekend is almost here!! Got any scrappy plans? I usually do. Now normally we have been having the Friday posts be from our "digital point of view" and this one is along those same lines.

We really appreciate the support and encouragement we have been receiving lately for this blog and want to continue to be a place that is fun and inviting.

We also are looking for easier ways to run things. One of the areas that both Valeri and I wanted to make a more permanent feature was how to post a link that needs praise. Neither one of us were to fond of "Mr. Linky" but it worked. Well I co-own a site called Scrap Garden. Some friends and I started this site to be a fun loving scrapbook community and we've been looking for ways to expand to other areas in the scrapbook world. We have our own forum and gallery. So that being said, as of today Mr. Linky is no more.

I have created a spot on my forum especially for the Genuine Praise readers called Layout Lovin'. All you have to do is create an account, it's really easy and one of the admin girls (myself included) will get you set up. All new accounts come to us, to keep out those lousy spammers. There you will find a weekly thread that either Valeri or I will have set up -- leave a link and you're done. You are also more than welcome to use our gallery there too. Scrap Garden is not a store, just a community and for those who are needing another open gallery, then you found the right place. *wink*

Oh and Mr. Linky is not gone entirely, I will have the link with all those previously linked pages set up in the forum. Because we are still using all the links for the current spotlight on Miss Mint.

So what else is going on in the digi world? Have you joined the Project 365 craze? I have!! It seems there are so many people doing it. Several forums have a special section too like at SBG and DST.

How about challenges? I love a good challenge -- got one post a link in the comments. I love "We Can Build It" challenges. This week is a white space challenge -- see here. Pickleberry Pop's infamous "What's in the Pickle Jar" challenge is always fun too. And Sweet Shoppe Designs has a Challenge a Day going on -- so check it out.

Well that's it for me, I hope you have a great weekend. Don't forget to leave a link for us to love on!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ch ch changes

Just want you to know that there will be some changes made starting tomorrow, so if you notice some of the "widgets" on the side don't make sense, don't worry it will starting tomorrow. I am excited and hope you will be too. See you tomorrow.

Thursday Madness with ValeriGail

What do you think about my title? Its only for this particular Thursday's post....LOL Let me explain..

I write my posts here the evening before and schedule it to post. Makes it easier on me.. cause lets face it I wouldn't get the post up till 4pm if I tried to do it during the day! HAHA.. So tonight I sat down to do my post, came here to our lovely blog to visit with Mr Linky. My begging yesterday paid off, cause there were several new links posted today. I was so happy to see that earlier!! So, I click on our girls, and guess what happens? Well, you all probably know... Mr linky has been shut down. Why? I haven't a clue... I can come up with a dozen conspiracy theories though, if ya'd like. ;) Might even share them with you for a buck... but I really don't know. What am I gonna do now? I ask myself. Easy.. I remember a few of the layouts and I can go searching through DST. No problem.

DST is "Optimizing Databases"

At this point, I thought... welll geesh it IS a Conspiracy!!

So tonight, due to the world wild (HEHEHE) web trying to GET Me to LOSE my mind... our Featured layouts are going to come from anywhere. I'm going to hunt through some galleries and just pick ones that totally reach out and grab my attention. Lets see what I can come up with!

Well ok, so I cheated on this first one cause I knew where it was uploaded other than DST.

I just love this layout. She put in alot of hard work with it, and it totally paid off. I love her journaling on the squares, right up close and personal with the pictures. The colors here are phenomenal! I really like the small differences in the patterns of the papers too, I think it just adds something to the layout. And that apple looks wonderful! I'm thinking their applesauce must have been Delicious!!
So, if you haven't already... stop by here page at DST or WST (linked) and leave her some love for this Stunning work of art.

Next up is a layout from MyScrapArtist

This is just so cool! Very Rock and Roll with the flames and grungy backgrounds. Love all her layers of elements.. Perfect for this layout! The picture makes me smile, as he just looks like he's totally lost in the beat he's drumming out. This is such a fun expressive layout! Stop by her Gallery at MSA and leave her some love for this Awesome Work! and... Rock on!


Next up is a layout I saw a few days ago that I instantly fell in love with. It is in the Nuts4digi Gallery.

This layout just totally melts my heart. As if the picture wasn't enough to do the job, she's journaled a Gorgeous poem that pulls at all my mommy senses! I adore her title work and the cluster of elements around the photo. Its small touches that make this perfect, like the stitching and the one single wing. This is really Stunning! Please, stop by her Gallery at Nuts4digi and leave her some love for this great layout.

Ok so going on the hunt was actually alot of fun. I got to see a lot of really nice layouts from alot of different scrappers by visiting more than one Gallery. Pretty Awesome talent out there!

Untill the conspiracy around Mr Linky's disappearance is settled, please feel free to link up your layouts in the comments section. I'll be on a hunt for a new widget of some kind to stand in his place... but untill then I'd really love it if you keep on linking us up! Your not going to make me beg again, are you? I will you know... ;)

Have a Great Day everyone!!

Live, Love, Laugh...... And Scrap often!!


WOOHOOO as of 8:07 am, Mr linky is back up and running!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday With ValeriGail! 1/14/09

Hi everyone! Didn't I say last week that I was still hanging on to the hope that I would be right here posting to you this week? I am very happy that we've decided to continue the blog, and am very excited about all the changes and Features that we've got lined up for you!!

Mr. Linky is slow :( come on everyone, link us up to some awesome layouts!!! You don't want to miss out on the chance to win the Gift Card from Miss Mint! Plus, I just miss having layouts to leave love at! So, ya know... you could just do it for me and consider it a favor? ;)

So enough of my begging... and on to the Featured layouts for today!

First up is a Mr linky Pic..

What a perfect Title, cause he is just sooooo darn cute!!! I love her journaling, and that she was able to catch such a perfect smile in the picture! But, I've got to say, that first picture looks like he's thinking "What are you up to with that camera? And why is everyone making faces and talking funny? hmmm??? " LOL I can just imagine the scene that transpired! We as parents can do some crazy things to get our kids to laugh! I love her use of the circles here, and I think I've been inspired to try it out myself! (comfort zone jump there). Love her use of Miss Mint's kit too! The Colors are just perfect for this layout, bright and cheerful... just like her baby!
Please everyone, stop by her page and leave some love for this great layout!!

Next up..... I decided to drop in over at Peppermint Creative's Gallery and check out the layouts over there. Wow, were there some really good layouts!! But my pic to Feature today just totally stood out for me..

I love the clean simplicity here. The different shapes gives it a very modern look. Totally feels like it would be hanging on the wall in one of those houses with all white furniture and no clutter to be seen! Her photos are absolutely stunning, and the pops of color highlight them perfectly! I have to say, this is probably my new favorite layout! I just totally love it!
Hop on over to Peppermint Creative's Gallery, and leave kimmie xo some Geniune Love for this outstanding layout!

I'm gonna Feature one more layout today... because I can! HA HA!

I totally love this layout! First off, those pictures are absolutely priceless!!! What a gift to have captured this moment on film! I love how she has displayed them here, using the tacs to hold them down on her paper. And the Journaling! LOVE IT!! Totally pulls the entire page together. Her Color choices are perfect! I am in love with pinks and browns, and blues and browns... and she has both!! The title work is Gorgeous too! Ok enough of my gushing praise... you all go and leave her some of your own! :)

So, that is it for me today! Well... I think I've got one more ounce of begging left in me.... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Link us up to some layouts! Pretty Pretty Please? Ok, think I'm spent.. LOL I hope everyone has a wonderful day! I will see you all tomorrow morning with more layouts and, if I can muster up the effort, some more begging you to link us up! (HE HE I had to get it in there one more time!)

Live, Love, Laugh....... And Scrap Often!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesdays with Christy

It's that time again -- Tuesdays with Christy!! I thought I might spotlight some pages using Miss Mint's products.

The first one is by Kirstie:

I love the bright cheery Christmas colors.

This next one is a hybrid project.

Miss Mint even has a tutorial on how to make this Birthday Cake.

This last page was just very touching to me.

Please stop and leave some love for these fabulous projects.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Monday

Happy Monday girls!! I hope your weekend went well. Miss Mint sent me her bio and I am happy to post it:

Designer by day; designer by night. That's me, Pam - or 'Miss Mint' as I am more well known within the digital community. launched a little more than two years ago after I accidentally stumbled into digital scrapbooking while trolling around online with nothing to do. With a background in graphic design and a semi-decent knowledge of Photoshop already under my belt, I jumped right in and set up a store before even completing a product. Now, more than two years later, I am a full time digital scrapbook designer and Peppermint Creative has established itself as a leading source for fresh, vibrant and original designs that are easy to work with and fun to use.

Each month she hosts a contest called Pimp My Page -- isn't that name a hoot!! She offers a template to use and then you do a page using mostly Peppermint Creative goodies and you get a chance to win $5 to her store.

Onto our featured layouts:

Our very own Lori made this sweet page - I love her design and how she filled the left side with journaling.

Our next page features products from Miss Mint. Check it out:

I love how bright and colorful it is and how she was able to use so many photos.

Please stop by and leave these ladies some much deserved love!!

Don't forget -- every link you leave in Mr. Linky will get you into the drawing for $10 to Peppermint Creative's store.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

1*11 Spotlight Sunday (Miss Mint)

Good afternoon praisers!!! I hope your Sunday is going well. I am here to present our next spotlight designer here at Genuine Praise. As you all know by now, Lori stepped down as the main contributor to Genuine Praise and Valeri and I stepped up to keep it going. I started asking around and got some fabulous designers to come be spotlight designers here and our next one is just awesome. She is such a sweet lady and if you haven't used any of her products, you are missing out -- she is the fabulous Miss Mint!! Did you get to see her reveal who she really is? If not, stop by her forum and check it out: The Great Miss Mint Reveal. It was really neat to figure out who she really is and what her real name is!! She has gone by Miss Mint for so long, she actually prefers it now. :)

Anyway, I asked Miss Mint to give me a little bio about herself and as soon as she does, I will post it. But I want to entice you with some of her latest items in her store. All images are clickable.

All her new items are 20% off -- so grab them while they are on sale!!

And Miss Mint has agreed to give away $10 to her store. So remember to leave a link to a LO that needs some Genuine Praise and you will get a chance at the GC. Have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday.

Oh and miss Sya, if you didn't see Friday's post -- you were the winner of the $10 from Flergs. Please e-mail me (Christy) at AquaRubyMom [at] gmail [dot] com.