Saturday, October 25, 2008

Good Morning!

Hey girls!

I will be quick today. I sent Amanda off her gift card yesterday. She chose a card to Scrapbook Graphics and I thougt I would share the link here in case anyone has not visited their site!

Ok on to the layouts! DH chose Valeri's

"Painting In The Mud"

I love the moment she caught here. Much to DH's dismay I enjoy allowng the kids to do some stuff that might be considered dirty. Valeris little one looks like she is having so much fun and really thats what life is about for a preschooler right?

Ok now a random pick hmmm! How about!

I found one from Amy's Mom

"Pondering or Planning?"

Love this layout!!! I was most drawn to the picture but i love every inch of it. the bg paper looks so artistic and the frame/ design plus the doodles and journaling tab.
I love it! Alright gotta go have fun making memories.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Sorry, about yesterday it was like fighting with DST. I did get some scrapping done though. I added two pages under MissPotts. That was fun! Hopefully a couple more this weekend! Ok, lets look for some pages to feature!
Well, Greenplam was our only Mr Linky link so here is her gorgeous layout!
"Cutest Pumpkin In The Patch"
This layout is so beautiful! I am in awe of the dreamy storybook emotion. Nice job Girlie! Thanks for sharing here! Ok, I figured we will feature Flohbock1971 again since we didnt have a chance to leave her love yesterday!
This layout caught my eye in the gallery yesterday. Love the white theme and precious photo! The layout has a peaceful feeling and the prince wordart and especially the crown are the perfect touch for this page! HMMM.. can anyone help me. The layouts are cut off. This happened yesterday. It was bothersome that my layouts would not post correctly here while I was having trouble with DST. It seems the two may have a connection. Any thoughts why this might be heppening. I changed my layout upload here from large to medium after I noticed yesterday but it did not work.

OK DST is up again!

Hey Girlies!
Lets get our layouts of the day going while the kiddos are content.
First up! Vicki aka Side By Side shared with us!
"Life Is A Canvas"
Ok finally was able to access this page! LOL! But by this time I am not in the mood to be witty. But do know I love Vicki's page. There is always something about her pages that make me happy to see them. Its mostly that we are mothers of twins and she is right ahead of me. So a peek into her life can shed light on what I am approaching. Thanks for sharing here Vicki. I appreciate it! Ok, random page time!
grr if DST will let me! I will try again in a bit. This post is taking me forever to complete! The three preschoolers who live here are one reason why!
Ok lets see if I can get one off of DST!
Finally Flohbocks
This page I plucked off the first page not only for its accessibility but also its beauty! Ok, since DST had so many problems I think I will run this blog post tomorrow too. Blogger is scheduled for downtime tonight so that will cut us short on today even more. I dont know why thopse lyouts are cut off I feel like a computer ditz today. But rest assured i do know how to use blogger!


LOL! Well, I have not had access to DST since last night. I wonder if anyone else is getting in. It says there are 310 people there on the homepage. Which is as far as I can get! Well, oh well I guess I will keep trying and for now work on the shadows and journaling for my latest page.

Also I wanted to add in here. I signed up for Jessica Sprague's class in a few weeks. It is free so if you are not signed up check it out!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

WednesdayOctober 22

*UPDATE* Dropping into say Amanda is the random winner of ten bucks to the store of her choice. It was so hard choosing one person even if it was random because all of you have been helping me. You each deserve a prize and all I can offer to the rest of you is my many thanks!
I will think of another offer I can give out for helping me promote my blog. Hopefully, next Wednesday I will be able to run another promotion like that. Thanks Girls!

Wednesday already! Thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday! I spent the day journaling about and sorting my September pages. I had to get it done since October is almost over! Then I started a page from the pictures. Can't wait to get it done! Ok, on to today's layouts.
Let's see......
What a surprise! A layout I didnt notice in the Linky today. Well, luckily DH picked that number.
So here is kel_dol's
What a fun layout! I really like the depth the layers created! And the playful elements created a happy mood! Ok browsing the gallery I ran into Anifa's layout.
"like is like"
This layout caught my eye and made me want to open it. I basically enjoy everything about it. The picture is sheer joy and the design showcases it in such a cute way. I hope you like it too!
Also this afternoon or evening I will update with the winner of last weeks offer. Ok bye!
Make it a Great Day

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tuesday October 21, 2008

Hey Girls!
Ok, Finally I get to post new layouts to feature! Before I start. This is our second week and we are slowly picking up speed. We have had a slow past few days. Now if you support my blog and enjoy the idea PLEASE help me promote it and give me any suggestions you may have. This blog is really from me to our community and I want to see it succeed. Any input from you will be appreciated. So if you have a good idea on how to get things going let me know. Ok on to the layouts.
Our linky feature of the day is BreakingBrie with

"Blowing Dandelions"

Just a sweet layout about one of childhood's smallest past times. Dandelions just call out WISH to anyone who walks by one. I just blew one Friday on my walk. I wished my little blog would take off! Brie used this kit so well and placed her dandelion pieces perfectly with her pic. So lets leave her some love! Ok next up I will find someone in the gallery who could use some loving!

So next up is ScrapHappyMomma's layout

"Welcome to the World"
This layout caught my eye because it got passed right up in the gallery today. As do so many great ones. Whit chose a wonderful template for storytelling and featured adorable pics. A babies first days are such a treasure. Only once for everyone. I also loved her color choice. So soft and boyish yet so totally nontraditional baby colors.Ok, Have a good day. If your not scrapping make a memory.

So today ran away with me!

I slept in, played with the kids and had class all afternoon. I just got caught up on praise so I will not feature layouts today. From now on I will update the blog every night around 10 for the next day. This way I wont get messed up by the DST rush nor my own busy mornings! So please use this praise place for the rest of the day and I will stay on top of my updates from here on out! Thanks!

Happy Monday!

So its Monday and DST is running slow for me! I wonder if its slow for you. I guess the kiddos are off at school and the community is jumping. I can hardly use my message features. So it was a slow weekend but I am not going to give up yet.
Since I am having so many problems I will complete this post a little later and add our layouts in. You are welcome to praise the layouts found in Mr Linky and over the weekends blogpost. Ok thanks!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Party Day!

Today is my sons birthday party. For those that dont know I am a mother of a set of twin boys and they are turning four on Tuesday. Gosh, they are officially gonna be little boys now. SIGH!
We are doing a halloween party. I cant wait!
Ok, so yesterday was slow. So I will feature the two from Mister Linky!
First up!
Melmos with
"Keep Hearts Young"

Can we say cute! The High Fedelity kit was the perfect choice the colors keep the layout with a neutral feel in order to compliment each of the grandkids including the only girl. Nice template choice too! I love templates I use one almost anytime I scrap although u would know it since I get pretty carried away from it. And thanks so much girlie for your support! BTW What is your name?Next up! mrs. JB! Cool name! And she has:
This layout really is a beauty. You know one of those ones with a perfect photo and a beautiful layout to match. Another fine example of neutral use paired with a dramatic splash of red. Very pleasing to the eye! Thanks for joining us! And I would like your name too! OK gotta go to bed so I can have fun tomorrow and i need to make sure my battery is charging! Gotta get good pictures!