Friday, January 30, 2009

1*30 Fantastic Friday!!

Good day praisers!!! It's finally Friday. Valeri and I apologize for not getting a post made on Thursday. She wasn't feeling well and asked me to post, but I didn't read my e-mail till late in the evening. So instead I thought I'd combine our featured LOs with my "digi point of view" today.

I am so happy to see some of you using the Layout Lovin' forum. It's so fun to see so many different pages. I totally loved Valeri's post about posting links from your faves folder. We are definitely going to have to do that more often. Okay onto the featured LOs.

This first one is by my good friend Jules called Brothers by Chance.

Her boys are so sweet, I love that quote too.

This next one is by Jessica called sleepy:

Isn't he so sweet?

Now the other part of my post today is the "digi point of view". Well today I am doing a mini spotlight on a kit by Randi Oh Designs. Randi will be one of our spotlight designers in the next few months, well she was so excited that she offered a kit to both Valeri and I to use. Here is our finished product and the kit she gave us -- thanks again Randi!!! This was such a fun kit to use and it is packed full of awesome elements too.

Garden Delights

Remember ladies, keep linking up those LOs for a chance to win the gift card from Dielle's store.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wacky Wednesday With ValeriGail... 1/28/09

So... How frozen are you today? ;)

As I sit here typing up this post, I can hear the sleet hitting against my windows. I am hoping to not wake up to scenes like Christy posted yesterday!

So, with it being so very very very very very cold right now (I know there are places even colder than me, but darn it I can be a wimp right now if i wanna!) , I am going to feature Bright warm pages today.

Lets see what I can find!

First up is Christy's Week two for the 365 project

Love the bright colors she used on this layout. They totally bring out something in every picture. From matching the buttons, to the color of the bowling shoes (how do you match pants to those shoes?? LOL), to the blue of the sky behind her son. Its all Perfectly coordinated to highlight everything! Love it!! And I have to agree, that is one smart dog!!


Next up is a layout I came across at DST..

Isn't this just too cool?!? I love how she has added in the sand to play on the imagination of the day. Very nice! The colors are just wonderful. Bright, cheerful, warm.. Everything a day in the sun is!! I just absolutely love the imagination that went into this layout. Please everyone, stop by her page and leave her some Genuine Love for this great layout!


Now, I have got to show you one of my favorite layouts of all time. This is by Dielle, our Spotlighted Designer of the week. Both Dielle and I have twins and hang out at a message board called "Twinstuff"... it was there that I was first introduced to scrapping by other twin mommies, and saw this layout by Dielle...

It is scrapped using her "Afternoon in my Garden" kit.
Now, isn't this just halarious??? Poor Bob!! At least he's a safety guy, right? So he should know how to get out of this with out too much trouble? HAHA I can't help but crack up everytime I look at it!! And yes, my kids would so do this too! ;). I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE her shadowing on the iron fence, absolutely Gorgeous work! I wish I could shadow like that!


Before I go, I would like to challenge you all again... Or ask a favor of you all, depends on how you want to look at it. I would love it if you could dip into your favorite file, at any of your scrapbook Galleries, and pull out your all time favorite layout, that someone else has scrapped. Then link it up here (either in the comments section or in the Layout lovin' section). Share with us the layout that inspires you the most, or makes you laugh the most, or makes you think the most or just makes you smile.... It does not have to be a new layout either, it can be something that you've had stashed away in there for sometime. It just needs to be a layout that you love! And hopefully tomorrow, I can feature some of them, or even ALL of them here at the blog. What do you think? Sound like fun? I hope so!! I would so love to see what inspires all of you!

And with that I will let you all go. Stay warm everyone!

Live, Love, Laugh...... And Scrap often!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1*27 Tuesdays with Christy

Hello all, sorry I haven't posted sooner. We've had a major ice storm come through, so this is what my house looks like: Ice Storm pics.

It's been rather nerve wracking all day to say the least, but I am here now -- so let's get some layouts featured!!

This first page is by Valeri --- I love how many photos she got on here and that tree is the perfect touch. What a fun Easter page.

This next one by Tiffikat is just so sweet. I love the one of the older brother holding the younger.

And this is also by Dielle Designs called Morning in My Garden.

I'm throwing in one more for posting this late, I totally love it. I so need to get this template because that heart just rocks!!
True Love by Paula

Monday, January 26, 2009

1*26 Marvelous Monday!!

Why is it so marvelous? Because our school day got done before lunch -- that in itself is just shy of a miracle on Mondays -- LOL!!!

I thought I'd spotlight a page done using Dielle's kit: Afternoon in my Garden.

Grammy's Boy by ForgetMeNots is so sweet, I love the gate along the bottom.

This next page is by Sya, I totally love the strips of paper and the bead work on the side.

Make sure you stop by and leave each page some much deserved love. Also for every link you leave in our Layout Lovin' section will get you into the drawing for the $10 GC for Dielle's store.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

1*25 Spotlight Sunday (Dielle)

Welcome to another Spotlight Sunday!! This time around we are featuring Dielle from Digital Freebies and Faith Sisters. She has graciously offered a $10 GC to her store. I asked her for a bio about herself and this is what she said:

I'm Dielle Designs, and have been designing for almost exactly 2 years. I currently have shops in and I'm also a SAH, homeschooling mom of 5 gorgeous kiddos, expecting #6 in May, with my sweet husband, Fred. So I'm busy and not the most prolific designer, but it's my creative outlet and I find a lot of joy in creating designs that I also love to scrap with. I always try to scrap with my kits as I make them, to make sure they work together, are good quality, and are what *I* love. I hope everyone else loves them as much as I do.

Here is just a sampling of some of Dielle's products:

The images are clickable.

So remember, link us up to some LOs that need some love using our Layout Lovin' link, just click on the retro girls. AND.... you don't need to link your own LOs either to qualify, link as many as you want!! Have a great day!!