Monday, October 20, 2008

Tuesday October 21, 2008

Hey Girls!
Ok, Finally I get to post new layouts to feature! Before I start. This is our second week and we are slowly picking up speed. We have had a slow past few days. Now if you support my blog and enjoy the idea PLEASE help me promote it and give me any suggestions you may have. This blog is really from me to our community and I want to see it succeed. Any input from you will be appreciated. So if you have a good idea on how to get things going let me know. Ok on to the layouts.
Our linky feature of the day is BreakingBrie with

"Blowing Dandelions"

Just a sweet layout about one of childhood's smallest past times. Dandelions just call out WISH to anyone who walks by one. I just blew one Friday on my walk. I wished my little blog would take off! Brie used this kit so well and placed her dandelion pieces perfectly with her pic. So lets leave her some love! Ok next up I will find someone in the gallery who could use some loving!

So next up is ScrapHappyMomma's layout

"Welcome to the World"
This layout caught my eye because it got passed right up in the gallery today. As do so many great ones. Whit chose a wonderful template for storytelling and featured adorable pics. A babies first days are such a treasure. Only once for everyone. I also loved her color choice. So soft and boyish yet so totally nontraditional baby colors.Ok, Have a good day. If your not scrapping make a memory.

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  1. Yay!!! I'm all caught up!! There were some really amazing supmissions over the last couple days!!! Gorgeous LOS!